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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Literati @ SeptFest

Come celebrate the power of meaningful words at Literati!!! A showcase of poetry, prose and music delivered by talented local writers, storytellers and musicians. .

This round of Literati will present Elizabeth Tan, Yong Shu Hong, Susy Bungsu, Maya Dance Theatre Ltd. Patrick Chng, Ben Harrison, Zack Yusof and The Random Collective #3.

Organized by Platform (The Label). For more info, please visit our website:

Date: 1st September 2007, Saturday
Venue: The Substation Theatre
The Substation Ltd
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936
Admission: Entry by donation

The next Literati will be held in January 2008 at Books Actually. Watch for it.

Do check for updates

Performer's Info


Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth caught the arts bug since 7 yrs old, performing for Act 3 Theatre Company. Now an actress/host for stage and television, she was last seen in Ho Tzu Nyen's 'King Lear: Avoidance of Love' as part of the Esplanade Sparks Project and World-In-Theatre's 'Mishima: Women in Love'. Also a presenter, she has hosted programs for Mediacorp Channel 5, Kids Central and Nickolodeon Asia. Having an intimate relationship with writing, she reviews movies for and her passion for fashion is fulfilled at

Maya Dance Theatre

Maya Dance Theatre Ltd.
is Apsara Asia's production entity that focuses on creating and presenting arts productions. It aims to create productions that transcend all cultural, ethnic and national boundaries, presenting in its original form within a unique contemporary dance theatre style combining dance forms, text and sound. Maya Dance Theatre will be presenting a preview of their performance, ATMA, which will take place at the Esplanade in October.


Susy Bungsu
Susy Bungsu , otherwise known as "soozeeB", who is a secretary by training, is currently in the education sector, with a focus on events management. She is actively involved in Migrant Voices, a registered arts society, as a Secretary as well as being in charge of volunteer management. She aspires to be an Art Therapist in the near future and hopes to help children with learning disabilities. She pens her poetry under the moniker "Petal P. Rose".

Yong Shu Hoong
Yong Shu Hoong
is an accomplished poet. His published collections of poetry include Isaac (1997), do-while (2002) and Frottage (2005), which won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2006. His works has also appeared in various publications, including The Straits Times, South China Morning Post and the MTV Asia website.

He is the organizer of the monthly subTEXT readings at the Central Lending Library and is also a regular guest of literary events all over the world – most recently, British Council's Cambridge Seminar for Contemporary Literature and Byron Bay Writers Festival in


Patrick Chng
Patrick Chng
started performing in the mid 1980s and formed one of Singapore 's most loved indie bands The Oddfellows in 1988. The band went on to released two albums "Teenage Head" in 1991 and "Carnival" in 1992 and had huge radio hits such as "So Happy", "Unity Song", "Your Smiling Face", "She's So Innocent" and "Breach" in the 1990s.
Patrick was also an original member of The Padres and has occasionally performed as a solo acoustic act. He's now the guitarist in TypeWriter and is the founder of non-profit music organisaton Music For Good.

Ben Harrison (Etc)
Ben Harrison was born the day Elvis died. He's lived in Singapore for a long time and was in the Joe Ng-fronted band, Padres. For the last decade Ben has been the only constant member of Etc – a loose-knit band that instinctively adapts its volume, songs & line-up depending on the occasion. They've played numerous live shows and spent barely any time recording. Nobody's offered them money to do an album yet, but they do have enough material for several. You can hear songs Etc songs at


Zack Yusof
Zack Yusof
is a music journalist, occasional indie radio jock and enthusiastic part-time club deejay who sings, plays guitar and writes songs in KL-based indie rock five piece Deserters. Driven by his love of classic songwriting and inventive sonic experimentation, Zack also makes intimate lo-fi acoustic folk under the guise of Kid Kowalski. Previous musical form includes Rebecca Fishpond (UK), Release (UK), Fast Boyfriends (UK) and Trafford (MAL). Visit:

The Random Collective #3
Order a poem from the Proletariat Poetry Factory by providing a word and paying a fee of your choice. The Servile Poet will generate your poem live, using a typewriter, while being psychologically infected by a noise feed from the Supreme Programmer. Part of an ongoing situationist experiment by Rage Goh, in collaboration with YC Teo. This will be their 3rd experiment.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Come celebrate the power of meaningful words at Literati!!! A showcase of poetry, prose and music delivered by talented local writers, storytellers and musicians. Featuring Jocelyn Chua, Dew Chaiyanara, Marc Nair, Azmi Danuri, Lee Yue Heng, and Jacklyn Soo of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Also with special guest, Sharanya Manivannan (KL).

Organized by Platform (The Label). For more info, please visit our website:

Date: 7th April, Saturday
Singapore Arts Museum
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555
Admission: Entry by donation
91813142 / 63323222

The next Literati will be held in July at The Arts House.
Do check for updates

Performer’s Info:

A Drama graduate of Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Kasamawati Masmintra Chaiyanara (Dew) has written and directed several dramatic performances and received a Merit Award for scriptwriting from the Singapore Broadcasting Authority in 2001. Currently, Dew is a freelance Drama Trainer, Theatre practitioner, Vocalist of local Rock band - “FWB”, Journalist/ Resident VJ for online music portal - “Pure Rock” and Production Assistant for LAMC Productions.

Jocelyn Chua
Long-listed for the National Arts Council Golden Point Award 2005 for her short story "A Brief Affair with Infinity", playwright-performer Jocelyn Chua was last seen at the Arts House Play Den in March 2007 performing her debut solo show – a dramatisation based on her aforementioned short story. An avid local theatre practitioner who also dabbled in short film making, Jocelyn was commissioned by TheatreWorks in 2004 to complete the one-act play "Restless" before proceeding to publish her debut collection of stage scripts in December 2006 entitled "Restless and Other Plays". She is currently trying to write more with her fingers crossed for paid artistic projects – It. Is. Hard. To. Write. With. Fingers. Crossed.

Marc Nair
Marc D. Nair - Teacher, Poet, Musician, Songwriter.

Mohammad Azmi Danuri
A digital film student at S.A.E. Institute Singapore, avid Star Wars fan and a photography enthusiast, Azmi has been writing poems for the past 4 years and continues to do so under the name Mrazmi. Asmi also does swordplay choreography/performance with SEJA and is part of a drama group that is in the National Drama Competition finals.

Jacklyn Soo of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is Jacklyn Soo and Ho Wai Kit. Formed early this year, the duo has been writing and producing songs of love, loss, memories, childhood, nature and peace.

Lee Yue Heng
Yueheng, a History/English Literature teacher has been writing songs since he was 17. His influences include The Beatles, Oasis, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and 70s Chinese oldies.


Sharanya Manivannan
Sharanya Manivannan was born in
India in 1985 and grew up in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. She writes, dances, paints and photographs, among other polyamourous devotions. She is working on a novel, Constellation of Scars, and a book of poems, and has published a handmade chapbook, Iyari. This year, some of the things she's looking forward to include a solo spoken word show in Kuala Lumpur in June, being a panel speaker at Chicago's Kriti Literary Festival in April, and editing an anthology for Women Unlimited, an imprint of India's first feminist press, Kali For Women. She can be reached at

Monday, December 18, 2006

Literati !!!

Literati III

Words and language have long been used as mediums of expression, standing alone in stanza and prose or collaborating with music and visuals to affect both sense and mind. Yet in this fast paced world, the meaning of words gets lost and become empty in a contextual void which exists in day to day conversation, and that is what Literati hopes to remedy by placing the spotlight on the word and it's power to move you.

Context will be the highlight of this event, in which we will line up wordsmiths from different avenues in one intimate performance of poetry, story and song. We hope that through this showcase, we may be able to demonstrate the indomitable presence of words not simply by its existence in our mundane exchange of information, but in forms which are profound and stirring.

This round of Literati will present Dominic Ng, Ruby Pan, Teng Qian Xi, Russell Tan, Donald Pan of Nuance and Amanda Tee.

Organized by Platform (The Label).

For more info, please visit our website:

Date: 27th January 2007, Saturday
Time: 4pm
Venue: Books Actually
125A Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068594
5 min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT (exit G)
Admission: Entry by donation
91813142 / 62211170

The next Literati will be held on the 7th of April 2007 at The Singapore Art Musuem.
Do check for updates

Performer’s Info:

Dominic Ng
Dominic has been heavily involved in the theatre scene back from his home country, Malaysia. He managed to clinch the title of the best actor of Malaysia under-18 in the year 2004. Since then he helped the Bangsar Actors Studio as a crew for a short while before arriving here in Singapore to become a full-time professional actor. He currently studies in LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts. He's taking a Bachelor of Arts in Acting.Ever since stepping into Singapore, he has worked with renowned directors from around the globe such as Leith Taylor, James Kable, Samantha Scott Blackhall and Terrence Crawford, among many others.

Ruby Pan
Ruby Pan is a trainee teacher at NIE. When she is not learning to be a Native English Speaker, she writes and performs - she has appeared on the Mr Brown Show.Com. Ruby is also a member of Migrant Voices, a non-profit organization that seeks to platform the voices of migrant workers through the arts.

Russell Dominic Tan
A 21 year old undergrad majoring in English Literature in NUS. Russell who enjoysmusic, reading and writing poetry in his free time intends to pursue teaching as a career upon completion of university.

Teng Qian Xi
Teng Qian Xi's first collection of poetry, Eye and Tongue, will be published next year . Her writings have been published in QLRS, Softblow, the London Underground, and Today, among others. She was the publicist for the recent cinema release of Singapore GaGa, directed by Tan Pin Pin. She will be returning next year to Columbia University to finish her degree in comparative literature.

Amanda Tee
She may be only 17 years of age - but with a couple of years' experience, she will not disappoint. In her songs, she makes it a point to find a comfortable compromise between the realms of words and melody. After all, they can very much compliment each other. Her songs aren't perfect, but she tries. So don't miss your chance to catch her belting out songs that can take on a more emotional expression. 'If music be the food of love, play on!'

Donald Pan of Nuance
Donald Pan is a member of Nuance. An intelligent song-writer, his evocative and smoothly crafted lyrics flow like poetry, equally matched by beautifully haunting tunes. Nuance’s music is hopeful and optimistic, with acerbic and premonitory undertones. Exploring current affairs and testament inspired messages, their music is fodder for philosophical discoursers and inspires travel to utopian faraway lands. Literati will be Donald’s first solo performance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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Come on down to HOME Club every 3rd Saturday of the month for an Indie Eclec-tric Flea Market brimming with tunes from up and coming local bands and sweet, sweet rocking indie music from our very own collective.

Featuring this October, we present a flea market galore, local bands 'T.H.E. (Thusly Henceforth Ergo)', 'The Oslo Castaways' and 'Sleeve' and '' at the console

Indie Eclec-tric Flea Market
Local bands*: T.H.E. (Thusly Henceforth Ergo), The Oslo Castaways and Sleeve
21st October 2006, Saturday. 4pm - 10pm.
20, Upper Circular Road
B1-01/06, The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416
Free Entry
Happy hour till 11pm
*Band performances starts at 6pm
Enquires: is an established Internet radio station based here in Singapore. A collective of DJs who assign themselves names by color, this team serves up an eclectic mix of indie rock and alternative tunes to rock the floor with style and humor. Listen out for mashed up tunes that will change your perspective of certain tracks and their heritage. will bring you indie rock with a different slant, their wide range of influences and various members and contributors prove that more can also be just that, more. Get ready for some sugaré brown, white, yellow, maroon, gold, blue, black and green, whatever color of the rainbow you should choose, these guys are prepared to dish it out.

Band Info:

T.H.E. (Thusly Henceforth Ergo)
Hailing from different walks of life, a group of people have come together to form T.H.E. Infusing their different influences into the band, T.H.E is a melding of a range of sounds, expressions and personalities. It also contains a broad range of sense of humour, some in unsalvageable levels. If you're into indie pop, alternative and the sorts, they're the ONE for you. Thusly, you should catch them in action as they hype up the stage with their music. Henceforth, it will be a great experience. And ergo, you will buy them drinks after they finish with their sets.

The Oslo Castaways
The silence engulfs.
We are The Oslo Castaways. (Formerly Known as The Subway Stars)
Hailing neither from Norway or the sea, the reference to Oslo wishes to encompass the beauty of Oslo. Of the long days and of the Northern lights. Of the waters and fjords. Of the tranquil and peace. And of being cast away from this place. A sense of longing and grief. Regret, despair, negativity.

This four piece indie rock act wishes to instill in their listeners an understanding of what they want to portray. More often than not, people try to put themselves in other people's shoes, trying to feel what they feel, without even understanding the root of the problem. An understanding is what they seek, at the very least.

Sitting. Standing. Waiting. You know what it's like to wait forever.

Formed in July 2005, Sleeve is a quintet producing original music that, according to listeners, is deeply melancholic and emotional. Our members have varying influences ranging from the music of Radiohead, to old school Malay rock. On the whole, the different playing styles of each member complement each other to personify a sound that is essentially unique to Sleeve's identity. Sleeve draws inspiration from true life experiences and emotions, making it easy for listeners to relate. We are currently working on our new single "Bound" and hope to release it on CD soon after.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Literati 2: Say What?!

Say what?! We use words everyday of our lives to communicate with other people, but how often do our points get across?

Come celebrate the versatility of words in Literati, where storytellers, poets and musicians attempt to change your view on the conventional usage of words.

Date: 8th September 2006
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Substation Guinness Theatre
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936
Admission: Admission by donation
Contact: 91813142

Verena Tay
Verena Tay brings stories vocally and physically alive in her unique fashion, drawing from her twenty-year experience in acting, directing and writing for local English-language theatre. Together with Kamini Ramachandran with whom she founded MoonShadow Stories in November 2004, Verena has been telling stories at The Substation, the Armenian Church, local museums and within the community, much to the delight and enjoyment of adults and children. An active storyteller with Talespin and the Storyteller’s Circle, Verena is also a founding member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore).

An Associate Artist with The Substation since 2002, she is also the President and a founding member of Magdalena (Singapore), a society that seeks to promote networking and sharing amongst women arts practitioners. In addition, she teaches voice, speech and/or presentation skills at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University and other local institutions.

Ferlin Jayatissa
Ferlin Jayatissa was trained as a lawyer and now teaches Law. He has always been enthralled by stories from the very first time he was read one at 5. He began storytelling unofficially as weaver of tales amongst his mor gullible little cousins at the age of 6 and gave his first public storytelling at the age of 35 as a guest storyteller of MoonShadows. Now he tells, writes and stages stories as his passion because in the crevices of all tales, lay obscure, oft pungent but always enlightening truths.

Lion City DIY
Lion City DIY is a collective of independent and progressive minded writers, musicians and artists. Seelan Palay and Sha Najak are representing LCDIY this time round, but expect a guest appearance or two by other members!

Chris & Clare Murphy
Twins Chris & Clare Murphy are exploring theatre studies through music, drama, and writing. They are Grade 10 students at United World College and actively audition for and perform in school productions.

Linda Joelle Ong of Lunarin
Linda Ong is the singer and bass player of local alternative rock band, Lunarin. She enjoys reading and appreciates the power of words. As almost all Lunarin songs were born out of an acoustic guitar and random nonsensical phrasings, Linda shall attempt to go back to basics for Literati in order to expose the songs in a different way.

Yee Chang Kang of Typewriter
Yee Chang Kang is a singer-songwriter & fronts indie-superband TypeWriter. His previous band, The Ordinary People have released 2 CD albums & 2 demo cassettes. TypeWriter owe its brand of music to the Pop-Underground movement. Filled with exuberance, Pop Underground is distinguished by power-pop's hallmarks -- infectious melodies, thoughtful lyrics & ringing guitars – basically a great love for the craft of songwriting. Besides fronting TypeWriter, Chang Kang is also an ardent film-maker. His quirky short films have been screened at film festivals in Tokyo, Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Cologne. Being a local music advocator, Chang Kang uses local music extensively in his films.

Platform (The Label)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thanks "y'all" who helped or was involved or participated or had anything to do with T.A.G.S. 2 this year. Without you guys it wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.